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A Fat Cat is a happy cat? Perhaps not….

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Fat Cat
By Robin Brande

I thought this book was a bit annoying at first. I was annoyed with Cat and her whining about what her ex-best friend, Matt had done to her, (which you don’t find out until the end of the book also very annoying)…

I guess I should start at the beginning. Cat is overweight, a brain in Science and Math, and hooked on Diet Coke. She loves snickers, anything with cheese and is okay being the third wheel with her best friend Amanda and Amanda’s boyfriend Jordan for the rest of her life. Right away, Cat talks about her hate for Matt Mckinney. She wants to seek revenge on him for the thing he did to her in seventh grade. Her big day comes when in their AP Science class, the students pick a picture and have to create a science project around that picture. Cat is sure she will beat Matt when she sees her picture and the best idea ever forms. Her picture is a group of hominids fighting over an animal. Cat decides to make herself her project’s guinea pig and change her lifestyle. Cat goes from eating snickers, Cheetos and downing Diet Cokes to a prehistoric diet of natural grains and fruit. Not only is she changing her eating habits but she must also cut out technology, including transportation! Before long Cat’s body and mind transform and she is on the path of sticking it to Matt, which is what she has always wanted…or is it?

After getting past the first couple chapters, I got really into it. First, let me say I am addicted to reality shows that can better people’s lives and one’s where you can see a physical change. Intervention, Biggest Loser, and What Not to Wear, can all be found in my DVR library. So this book was so right for me. I also had a journey for myself recently and last year lost 40 pounds. So some of things I could really relate to with Cat. Buying new clothes, handling reactions, and the hardest part, a new way of thinking about yourself. Cat slims down to impress and get revenge on Matt, but ultimately discovers it was for herself along and she discovers other talents besides being smart and awesome in math science during her endeavors.

I listened to the audio version of this book and loved the narrator. At the end of the production, Robin Brande explains the evolution of Fat Cat. I thought it was so cool that she too was overweight and like Cat was addicted to processed sugars. Robin took the same challenge that Cat took, and a lot of the experiences Cat faces are ones that Robin faced in her journey. At the end of Robin’ journey, she becomes vegetarian and talks about her reasons for doing so.┬áIt was very inspirational and it had a happy ending which is a big plus in my reading critique.

I finished this book right before I left for the ALAN conference in Orlando last year. If you’re interested in reading about our amazing time, check out Alaska’s post! Anyways, it was amazing, but the best part was I got to meet ROBIN BRANDE! It was totally awesome that I got to talk to her about her writing and lifestyle changing experience so close to finishing the book. She even signed a copy of Fat Cat for me! It’s probably a good thing they really only give you like 2 minutes to talk to the authors, or I would have A). scared her more than I already did or B). talked her ear off and asked a million questions. Anyhow, it was an amazing experience and so motivating! Here’s a picture of us connecting! I like to pretend we became besties that day! :)

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One Response to “A Fat Cat is a happy cat? Perhaps not….”

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    Jinx Says:

    I’ve had this one on my to-read list for awhile. Your review makes me want to move it closer to the top!


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