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Questions Answered, Wounds Healed

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So its been three years since Adam and Mia have seen each other. Shocking for anyone who read “If I Stay”. I ended the book thinking they would be together forever. Maybe I’m too positive…¬†Anyways, it’s been three years and they’ve gone separate ways. Adam has become the front man for a hit rock band. He has the life, the money, the girls, the popularity…but he’s miserable. Anyone guess why? He misses Mia! While Adam’s band in the New York for a show it just so happens that Mia is there as well for a Cellist concert. She is a renowned cellist playing Carnegie Hall. Adam goes on whim to see her perform, he plans to just slip in and slip out. But Mia sees him and calls him back to her room and they reconnect. They spend an entire night together catching up on the past three years, Mia’s time in intensive care and her departure to Julliard and mending the wounds left open from when they split.

OMG! I Loved Loved Loved this book! It was told from Mia’s boyfriend Adam’s point of view. Which was amazing! There were so many questions and wanting after I read the first book. Like I said I just assumed they would be together forever. But what really happened was more realistic. There were flashbacks to Mia’s accident, what happened during her recovering and what Adam went through. The reader gets a glimpse of their relationship before the accident and after the accident and what really happens. I loved Adam’s voice. Like the first book, it was written so well. The author has a amazing way of capturing the emotions of the characters and pulling the reader in. I was upset with Mia and her choices. I felt Adam’s anger through out the story, but forgave and came to understand Mia’s choices at the end. Because of the connection I made with the characters, I was along for the journey. This is an amazing experience for readers I think. Has anyone else felt that way? You get so wrapped up in the story and the emotions, you know the character and can feel their emotions. Isn’t it the best feeling??

It was a good old fashioned love story with a happy ending. Something I haven’t read in a really long time. Not only was it a happy ending with lots of fuzzy feelings, the story in between had my attention the entire time and answered all my pending questions from the first book. I was very much emotionally tied to the characters already from the first book, what with my hospital experiences with my husband. But I felt even more connected with the sequel. If you’ve read the first book “If I Stay” this companion is a must!

After I read the book, I went on and found a interview with the author about the sequel. I am always surprised and fascinated with the stories behind the story. It always adds to the experience. Check it out here.

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    Alaska Says:

    I loved this one as well, which I was surprised by. I didn’t think the first book needed a sequel, and felt I’d be disappointed by it, but I actually enjoyed it a lot.


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