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Random Reads

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I read two books recently that turned out to be great reads.  Did someone tell me about them?  Were they on the cover of a magazine?  Were they on a bestsellers list?  Did the cover draw me in and I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside?  Nope.  They were available from the library for my iPad.  I am determined to use my iPad for more than just Words with Friends and Temple Run.  So, I decided to download some books.  The library offers them FREE right, so why not?  So I took some time to look through our Woodlands catalog to see what was there.  It is easy.  You can download books to any eReader.  There are different ways depending on the eReader, but it is pretty simple (especially if I can do it!) and someone can easily help you too.  You just have to download Adobe Digital Editions and browse the catalog.  Just go to to learn all about it.

I was also hoping to do some reading while spending some time on a borrowed elliptical, but when I found myself standing on it and reading, I decided that I may as well be comfortable on the couch.

Woodlands downloadables works just like a regular library, only it is virtual!  There are books that are “available” and you can download them instantly and begin reading from home!  You can get on a list for other books, but because of my impatience, I just looked for some reads that were available, and it turned out that I loved them both!

The first one, “How I Live Now” by Meg Rosoff is about a girl that goes to visit her cousin in England from the United States and there is a war going on.  It is very sad and reminds me of Katniss from the Hunger Games (which has been referenced many times here).  She is trying to take care of her cousin and make it on her own and it is just devastating that while she tries to get back to her other cousin, she both loses and finds herself.  Very dark but good.

The second book was called, “The Summer I Learned to Fly” by Dana Reinhardt and it was an excellent read.  Birdie, the main character is helping her mom who owns a cheese shop and her dad has died and she is 13 and trying to figure things out in life.  She spends a lot of her time doing the right thing and establishing relationships that seem unlikely and while she is sad, she is making the most of her life.  There are just so many questions that she wants answered.  She meets Emmett, a mysterious friend, and her life is changed.  They decide to go searching for answers together.  It is a great book and it reminds me of “Sorta Like a Rockstar” which you can read about here.

Anyway, both of these reads were great and it was so nice to find a little surprise tucked away in the Woodlands search.  You can download them both now, because I turned them back in and they should be available.  Or, you can request or check out a copy in print from the library as well and find them in the catalog the old fashioned way: The Summer I Learned to Fly & How I Live Now

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    Alaska Says:

    I loved both of those books! Isn’t it hard to make yourself read on the iPad? I get so distracted!


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