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Are you as excited for the final book in the “Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins as I am? I hope you are. And, if you aren’t excited, or if you somehow don’t know what the heck I am talking about, I would first direct you to read this post, written by me, or this post written by Elizabites Fancy.

Ok, are you up to speed on the awesomeness that is “The Hunger Games?” Here at Kitabu we are SUPER excited (we love this series so much we had to blog about the first book twice!), so in honor of the third book (which will be released in a few short weeks, August 24th to be exact,) we are going to take a look at the second book in the series, “Catching Fire.”

Here’s a warning. If you haven’t read the first book, “The Hunger Games,” you’ll probably want to stop reading now because there is just no way I can talk about the second book without throwing out some spoilers as to how the first book ended. In fact, in just a few sentences I am going to tell you how the book ended, and that is basically the spoiler to end all spoilers.


If you haven’t read “The Hunger Games,” turn back now.

I’ll give you a random picture of my dog to look at before you go, just so you don’t feel like you wasted your time on this blog post.

Doesn’t she look like she is writing this blog post?

Seriously, I am about to ruin the book for you if you haven’t read it.

Still here? Ok, one more random picture- this one is a Mandrake (like from Harry Potter) that my nephew made out of Legos.

Ok,if you haven’t left and you haven’t read “The Hunger Games”, but you think you might- you’ve been warned!

So, “Catching Fire!” When we last left Katniss, she and Peeta had managed to both win the Hunger Games by threatening to eat poisonous berries. When they leave the arena, Peeta thinks they are on their way to a nice quiet life together, but of course this can’t happen in District 12. Katniss has been warned the President is not happy with the way she outsmarted the capital during the games, and there will be consequences to her actions.

This is pretty much where the second book picks up. It’s a few months later, and Peeta and Katniss are about to embark on their Victory Tour of all the districts. They have moved into their houses in the victors village next to Haymitch and things are going as well as can be expected. Peeta has been spending his time painting, and Katniss has found some weird desire to be a clothing designer. This basically brings us to where I have to stop talking about the plot because I don’t want to give anything away, but just let me say:

It. Is. Awesome.

The second book is as great as the first. It has the same danger and excitement of, “The Hunger Games,” and this time we have the added excitement of a possible uprising. All the while, Katniss is learning just how damaging her actions during the games might be to her or her family.

If you haven’t read “Catching Fire”, you should be requesting your copy from the library right now (or buying one, if that is your personal preference). And while you’re at it, you’ll want to reserve your copy of “Mockingjay”, because if it’s anything like the first two books, it’s going to incredible. Be sure to keep checking Kitabu too, because I have a feeling you may be seeing even more posts in anticipation of “Mockingjay”!

Need more Hunger Games before the final book comes out? Explore “Catching Fire” by checking out this “look inside the book” feature at Scholastic. You can actually read the beginning of the book if you haven’t had the chance.

Want to test out your skills in the Hunger Games? Check out these online games, also by scholastic.

Want to talk about the books? Well, leave a comment!! I would love to hear your thoughts on “The Hunger Games” or “Catching Fire,” or even tell me what you think will happen in “Mockingjay.”

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6 Responses to “Catching “The Hunger Games Trilogy” Fire”

  1. 1
    BookRat Says:

    Yay! And I love the pictures, btw.

  2. 2
    Jinx Says:

    Thanks!! I’m glad you enjoyed my random pictures. The Mandrake makes me happy.

  3. 3
    Alaska Says:

    Great post! Those games are really hard.

  4. 4
    Jennyworm Says:

    I read Hunger Games for my 9th grade english reading prject and read Catching Fire for my 10 grade english reading project. Susan Collens has a way of writing that keeps you in the book and I cannot wait for Mockingjay 2 come out :)

  5. 5
    Jinx Says:

    Jennyworm- Aren’t the books awesome? Hopefully, Mockinjay will be just in time for another school project!!

    I agree that her writing keeps you moving. I really didn’t think I would love the books as much as I do. The subject is a little dark, but once you start reading, it is SO hard to stop.

    Thanks for reading the blog and keep checking our site for more info about great books like The Hunger Games Trilogy!

  6. 6
    good books Says:

    That is awesome


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