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What’s up Jabber Jays? It’s Cholemet C. Falliris here. That is my new Hunger Games name. Want one? Follow this link to make your own. Let me know what it is in the comments below. I cannot tell you how pumped I am to read Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins! I keep buying and canceling orders online trying to ensure that I get one the day it comes out. I even attempted to buy a paperback UK version that was supposed to come out 20 days early only to learn it now comes out the day after. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Unfortunately no local bookstores are having midnight release parties, what’s up with that? Unless you know about one, then tell me ASAP! Maybe I should just make my own!

I also am thinking about purchasing some book related merchandise. There is so much cute stuff out there! Of course Hot Topic has a bunch of stuff. But, I’ve been looking at Etsy, my favorite online store. They have everything; apparel, art, jewelry, etc… My favorite necklace is definitely this one. And, I’ll take one of everything they have please!

Also, you’ll want to read all the books by the time we have our party. That’s right, we’re having a giant party for the trilogy at our Dorsch branch this fall! It will be awesome, we’re having our own Hunger Games and we’ll have tons of other things to do as well. The event is on Saturday, September 25 from 6-9, write that down! More details to come very soon!

So, this was basically a shallow post where I talk about buying things, but I will be posting again soon on actual book discussions, what I think will happen, etc…So, please check back soon!

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One Response to “13 Days…that’s significant. We are the 13th District!”

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    BookRat Says:

    I want some merch, too. I almost caved and bought a Mockingjay pin that was a bit overpriced, considering, but I restrained myself.
    And I am Colemet M Flylily…


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