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Elizabite’s Fancy is written by me.  My name is Elizabeth Pifer and I am a Youth Service Technician for the Frenchtown Area Libraries in Frenchtown Township.  I have many things I like to do.  I love sports, outdoor activities, horseshoes, crafts, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.  Most of all I love to read all types of book.

I read picture books, “J” chapter books, and Young Adult books.   When it comes to Young Adult books I read many different genres.  Among my favorites are “Twilight” and “Fat Kid Rules the World”.

I have chosen the username “Elizabite’s Fancy” from a picture book I loved as a child and checked out from the library every time I got the chance.   This book started me on my adventures in reading which brings me to occupation I have today.

I will read books and share my reviews with you in hopes you might read it and share your own thoughts back.

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    Resa Waldecker Says:

    Hey Mrs. Liz,

    Resa here, I lost your email address, so I hope I can reach you here. I will be at the Tween Reading program tomorrow at 1:30 at the Frenchtown/Dixie branch to help out, so please email me if you want to meet earlier or you need anything.



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